Whether you’re a new starter, system administrator, departmental manager or an existing system user looking to fill the gaps, our experienced trainers will work closely with you to ensure that you gain maximum benefit from our products and your training is a valuable investment.
We understand that staff training can be costly, so to keep your expenditure down we offer onsite and online training sessions for groups of up to six attendees. We also provide all necessary equipment, including training laptops ready to go with a test copy of your own data to train on. The only thing you need to do is turn up!
With heaps of knowledge and a wee bit of fun, our trainers will deliver your session in a format that is custom to your services and will engage with your team to ensure that your operations perform smarter and faster in the most productive and cost effective manner.
Following our training sessions, system users will be empowered with knowledge and have the ‘nuts and bolts’ under their belt to enjoy the benefits of utilising the best techniques to maximise our software to its full potential.

  • Online Training (per hour): For bite-sized training sessions, our online snippets are great for recapping on any key processes or guidance with operational changes, with minimal disruption to your workflow.
  • Induction Training (1 ½ day): Perfectly tailored to equip new system users at all skill levels with the tools and knowledge required to get up and running swiftly in preparation for going live.
  • Refresher Training (per day) An excellent follow up session for induction training attendees or an ideal booster for staff returning from absences or leave, a key opportunity to identify unexplored areas of the system and re-asses system usage following system updates or operational changes.
  • Advanced Training (per day): A fully customised programme designed to shape processes, build on existing knowledge and identify unexplored functionality and opportunities. Ideal for focusing on specific modules, custom reports, mail merge and advanced areas that are not covered with induction training to gain maximum system benefits in line with current workflows.