Would you like to make more money from your leasable assets? How about transform your community fixtures, neighbourhood facilities and green infrastructure into self-funding, income-generating opportunities? Let Aardvark show you how.

Introducing Aardvark

Aardvark is a sophisticated software platform with a simple purpose: helping you to maximise income from your current leases and sponsorships while opening a whole new world of income-generating opportunities within your service.

It’s a truly flexible database platform that can accommodate an unlimited and dynamic variety of leases, sponsorship and memorial opportunities, licence allocations and space or ground rentals.

What do we mean by unlimited and dynamic? Think anything from…

  • Public sector memorial and sponsorship schemes, such as benches, trees, roundabouts and flowerbeds
  • Rolling space or ground rentals – from storage units to parking permits, serviced offices to caravan plots, and even more still!
  • Natural conservation and animal adoption schemes, ranging from bat boxes and bird houses, to whole zoos or botanical garden sponsorships
  • Street trading stalls, concession stands, markets and kiosks (not forgetting seasonal leases), including licences and insurances management
  • Housing and student accommodation allocations
  • Marinas and moorings facilities, licences and insurances
  • Advertising and marketing spaces, such as billboards and poster panels

…and so many more opportunities, all made manageable in one system!

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How does it do it?

With its fully customisable fields and functionality, Aardvark has the power to adapt to manage an unrestricted variety of leases, sponsorship and tenancy types, ultimately helping you to streamline and strategise all areas of your operations.

Aardvark’s rafts of inbuilt management reports will allow you to keep on top of number crunching and KPIs with an ease you’d never thought possible.

On top of this, with individual logins and permission groups for each of your users, all of your vital data will be held securely in one central and truly comprehensive location – enabling you to do away with spreadsheet chaos and mountains of paperwork once and for all.

What else can Aardvark do?

Do you keep a waiting list for your most in-demand services? What about perform inspections to ensure compliance or quality control? Do you generate stacks of individual invoices each year for renewals, with any number of rate or rental structures? Fear not – Aardvark will have you more than covered on all of those areas too.

And with options to link your Aardvark database to your website so that you can publish vacancies and sponsorship opportunities directly to the web, you’ll be able to turn vacancies and opportunities into new customers quicker and easier than ever before.

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